How to Sell Artwork on

To add your artwork, it’s better to do it on your desktop computer rather than on your mobile device.

Click on the login/register button.

Check the “I am a vendor” box.

Fill in the required fields in the REGISTER menu (*).

Shop name should correspond to your name.

Click on the register button.

Once registered, you accept our terms of sale.

You will receive a confirmation email on the email address provided during your registration as a seller on

Access your email and click on the link at the bottom that says CLICK HERE.

You will be redirected to this screen:

Click on the “Let’s Go” button.

Fill in the information regarding the number of products to display, address, etc.

Click on the “Continue” button.

Then provide the information regarding your payment.

Click on “Continue.”

Finally, click on “Go to your store Dashboard” to access your account.

You need to contact us at 0705035458 to validate your registration after consultation with our committee of art experts. The committee is chaired by the artist Mostafa Aloumari, known as Elmajdoub, and the artist Bahman Hassan.

Once validated, you can access your account.

Click on “settings” and add your banner.

Add your profile picture.

  • Enter the number of products to display in your store.
  • If you check “terms and conditions,” enter the text of your sales conditions.
  • Enter the opening and closing hours.
  • Provide information in the biography field.
  • Click on “update setting” at the top of the page.
  • Payment section:
  • Add the payment information.

Shipping section:

Provide information regarding shipping by clicking on “click here to add shipping policies”: specify how many days you need to prepare your artwork and enter the information about your shipping and refund policy.

Social profile:

Provide data related to your social media accounts.

Store SEO:

It’s essential to fill out this section as it helps you rank in search engines like Google. We can assist you throughout the process.

Click on “update setting” at the top of the page.

What makes a good artist profile?

The description of your profile is crucial as it allows you to introduce yourself to customers who visit your gallery. Talk about yourself and your artistic style so that they understand who you are and what you do.

Profile picture:

Choose a portrait photo and preferably one taken in your studio or while working.

Contact information:

Your postal address, date of birth, phone number, email, and banking details will not be displayed on the website. These data are confidential and only used for contacting you or billing after a sale.


The biography is important and should neither be too long nor too short (around 15 lines). Avoid using “I,” which lacks professionalism, and instead, use the third person as if you were your own critic. Create differentiation compared to other artists.

Feel free to talk about your inspirations, preferred subjects, materials you use, and the artists who inspire you.

Indicate the number of years of experience as an artist.

Talk about your exhibitions.

Re-verification by

Our teams review your information to ensure it harmonizes with the site’s content and add keywords (“tagging”) to your artwork so that they appear in search results based on visitors’ keyword searches and in search engines.

Edit your Artist Profile:

Once your artist gallery is validated and online on, you can make modifications at any time.

Deactivating your registration on

To deactivate your artist gallery on, simply send us an email requesting account deletion at and call us at +212(0)705035458.

You will be unregistered within 7 days, provided that you have no ongoing orders or withdrawal periods.

Adding Artwork:

Click on the “Products” section, then press “Add new product.”

Add the title.

Upload the photos (up to 3).

Set the price and discount price in case of promotion.

Choose the category.

Provide a description of the artwork.

Don’t forget to specify if your artwork is framed. Describe the type of frame, its appearance (materials, colors), and upload a photo of the artwork with its frame so that visitors can see the final result. Include a clear photo of the frame used.

Click on “create product” or “add and create another product.”

The Title:

The title should be written with a capital letter. A catchy and memorable title is important. It also plays a role in search engine optimization.

Artwork Photos:

The most important aspect! The visual quality of your artwork photos on our online art gallery is absolutely essential. They should showcase your work and be clear, well-lit, and faithful to the original colors. You can add up to 3 additional photos, such as a close-up of a detail, your signature, or the artwork.


Select the appropriate category for each artwork. It’s important not to choose the wrong category.

Artwork Presentation:

Explain the subject of the artwork, talk about its inspiration, and describe the technique, support type, etc. A brief explanatory text about your approach to each artwork is important for the buyer and will also help improve the visibility of your pages on the web.

Avoid using overly technical terms.

4 Mistakes to Avoid:

Repeating dimensions, title, or price in the description (which are already specified in the fields above).

Copying the same text for all your artworks.

Using the same title multiple times for different artworks.

Therefore, please refrain from including your website address or any direct contact information on your profile.